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Tim is practically an uncle to me. The first time we met time was when he invited Mitchell, my husband, and I over to his home and treated us to the most amazing grill cheese sandwiches and soup we have ever had! Yet, the food was not what captivated us…it was his friendship, love, and openness about his successes and his toughest moments. Tim is a financial advisor and is passionate helping people think responsibly when it comes to their finances so they can prepare for life. Every time we have gone to seek counsel from Tim (I am sure this goes for anyone who goes to see him) we have always felt taken care. I am grateful for Tim’s outstanding example of gratitude even when situations do not seem fair. Gratitude was not always easy for Tim. At first, he did not believe his wife’s Suzanne had been diagnosed with early onset dementia at age 55. For a while, it made him angry but after wrestling with God, he now lives an inspiring life of gratitude. Tim is truly one of my role models of what a life of gratitude looks like.

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