Jessica is one of my best friends and a great role model of gratitude! She welcomed me in during my transition from Syracuse to Tallahassee. And although our friendship did not come overnight, we are so grateful for what our friendship has blossomed into what it is today. Jessica is now participating in a training program for Follet in South Florida and excited for what the future has in store! 

In this interview, Jessica explains her love for family, people, and the Bahamas. Nassau, Bahamas is one of her favorite places in the world! It’s amazing to understand the culture and family dynamic of the Bahamas. Second, Jess is also grateful for her mom, the love she has shown her, and hearing her talk about her mom is inspiring and touching. Last, perseverance has helped Jess see what God has taught her, even when it isn’t easy in the moment. Don't miss out on this great interview!

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